EsilehtArhiivArabella, the Pirate’s Daughter

Arabella, the Pirate’s Daughter

Aino Pervik

„Arabella, the Pirate´s Daughter“ is an exciting pirate adventure full of danger and intrigue. But it is also a story of love, loyalty and trust, and how the fierce captain of a pirate ship and his nine-year-old daughter come to understand how decisions in life often have far-reaching consequences.

So whether you enjoy the smell of gunpowder and the clash of swords, or the machinations of
alliances between a colourful cast of sea-faring characters, „Arabella, the Pirate´s Daughter“ is certain to have something special for you.

Aino Pervik (born 1932) is a much-loved author of Estonian children’s literature. She has written novels, short stories and poetry, and also worked as a translator. Several of her stories
have been made into movies.

„Arabella, the Pirate´s Daughter” was first published in 1982.